Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom

Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom
Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom (click images to enlarge)

Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom

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Manufacturer Description

The Sony HVR-Z1U professional camcorder fires fantastic high definition 1080i photos with jaw-dropping detail, shade and also quality, and also comes furnished with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar ® T 12x zoom lens - the exact same glass and also layers as in Zeiss prime lenses.With high-def tv changing common definition, it's time for a high quality HD electronic camera to lead prosumer video into the future. Sony's HVR-Z1U Digital HD camera recorder is merely such a camera. It's the compact and also affordable device that bridges the gap between high definition and also common definition video styles. View big graphic HDV 1080i The HDV 1080i requirements attributes 1080 efficient interlaced scanning lines and also 1,440 horizontal pixels. Interlaced photos, which have prevailed to HVR-Z1U camera TELEVISION broadcasts from the start
, at the same time present odd as well as telephoned number lines between each screen refresh. The HVR-Z1U could additionally tape at the HDV 720p requirements, which includes 720 efficient modern scanning lines and also 1,280 horizontal pixels. Progressive scanning fills up both odd as well as telephoned number lines with each refresh, offering a flicker-free picture. Not yet ready for HD? The HVR-Z1U could convert material from 1080i to 480i and also 576i, and also result these digital video signals through its i.LINK user interface or as analog signals through component, composite, or S-video adapters.

When down-converting these signals, the aspect ratio displayed could be converted from 16:9 to 4:3, and also present methods could be chosen from capture, letterbox or advantage crop. Keep an eye on audio levels on the LCD monitor Audio The HVR-Z1U embraces the MPEG-2 compression style, which makes use of 8-bit digital component recording with a sample price of 4:2:0. The electronic camera makes use of MPEG-1 Audio Layer II audio compression style, allowing for two-channel recording with a sample regularity of 48 kHz/16-bit. ItHVRZ1U camera audio levels

includes an integrated stereo microphone, as well as
2 XLR sound input adapters for use with professional-grade microphones or exterior audio sources. Each input level for CH1 and also CH2 could be independently adjusted using 2 audio level dials on the electronic camera body and also viewed with an audio level meter on the LCD monitor. 3CCD electronic camera system Originally, cameras made use of one CCD-- the imaging gadget that transforms light into electronic details-- and also let the graphic handling device analyze the shade details from the data. Like today's broadcast camera, nonetheless, the HVR-Z1U makes use of a prism to split incoming light into three beam of lights and also makes use of specially tuned 1/3-inch CCDs to produce red, blue, and also eco-friendly composite graphics, which are put together into a last graphic. The result is a much more film-like vibrancy and also more precise shade portrayal. Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * 12x zoom lens The HVR-Z1U is furnished with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * high definition lens with a 12x zoom function. It has the exact same optical layer as is made use of on each one of the Carl Zeiss prime lenses, which produces sharp, high-contrast graphics with practically no colorful aberration. This lens is created with a vast viewing angle, and also a 35-mm equal focal length varying from 32.5 mm to 390 mm in 16:9 mode, and also from 40 mm to 480 mm in 4:3 mode.

In order to facilitate zoom command and also recording procedure throughout low-angle capturing, an added zoom lever and also a rec start/stop button have been contributed to the bring handle. There's additionally a motorized zoom ring, furnished with stops and also barrel marking, situated on the lens body. Transforming this zoom ring allows for fine modifications in zoom placement setups. Moreover, the supplied wireless Remote Commander device could be made use of for exterior command. Expanded Emphasis aids you validate your manual emphasis Huge, 16:9 widescreen shade viewfinder and also LCD monitor View your topic through the built-in viewfinder, the swing-out LCD present, or both. The HVR-Z1U includes a 0.44-inch kind shade LCD viewfinder and also a 3.5-inch shade LCD monitor, both in a 16:9 aspect ratio. You'll conserve battery time by using merely one, however you may wish to utilize one for readjusting emphasis and also the other for checking audio levels. When eschewing automobile emphasis for the fine-tuning handbook emphasis, you could increase the zoom at the center of

HVRZ1U Expanded Focus
the screen, making it easier to validate emphasis
setups throughout manual concentrating. Likewise, the electronic camera's" coming to a head
"function could offer sharp outlines on the display to assist with manual emphasis. Optical Super SteadyShot system Sony's optical Super SteadyShot System aids remove the small hand jitter and also vibration that is commonly the bane of video manufacturing. Sensors inside the electronic camera find horizontal and also upright motions and also the electronic camera could counteract those motions by readjusting the lens mechanism on the fly. This is superior to digital anti-shake systems that counteract graphic shake by cutting off edges of the structure. The Hollywood look The HVR-Z1U has attributes that could make your videos look more like they were shot on film. Cinematone Gamma enables operators to rapidly configuration and also lots a gamma curve with similar contrast features to a film gamma curve. The Cineframe feature enables motion to be recreated at 24 structures each 2nd-- the speed of film-- rather than video's 30 structures each 2nd specification. The Color Removal function could keep as much as 2 intended shades of monitored photos in the screen by designating shade shade, saturation and also array, while making the other shades black and also white. The Color Modification function could change the shade of just the shades

designated by Color Removal, while keeping the shade of the other shades, thus making it feasible to change the shade of something you've currently shot. No brand-new tape stock The HVR-Z1U is compatible with standard DV tape stock, however Sony suggests using DigitalMaster PHDVM-63DM tape, with its double layer of magnetic material, which delivers greater RF result, reduced sound, 95 % less mistakes and also 60 % less dropouts compared with routine DV tape. Even more electronic camera attributes · 6 Assign buttons-- obtain fast accessibility to a range of setups · Time Code Preset-- fill in any sort of timecode beginning value · Try Transition-- creates smooth automated changes between scenes · Color Bar-- Two types · Standing Check-- displays electronic camera setting menus for sound, result signal, assign button and also exposure lever features and also hrs meter on the LCD monitor · Zebra-- displays a striped pattern inthe LCD display and also
viewfinder throughout emphasize areas, aiding manual exposure setups · Quick REC-- minimizes the document interval from stop mode. · Personal Food selection-- enables operators to personalize the setting food selection · AE Override-- manually change exposure setups throughout the AE mode through an iris dial · Active Gain-- immediately increase the

gain level as much as roughly +36 dB · Black Stretch-- enables more contrast to be viewed in dark components of the picture without influencing mid-tones · Picture Profile-- conveniently call up customized picture-quality setups to the electronic camera to match various capturing disorders Exactly what's in the box HVR-Z1U, AC-VQ850 AC adaptor/charger, power cord, connecting cord, lens hood, big eyecup, RMT-841 wireless Remote Commander device, A/V connecting cord, component video cord, footwear adaptor, NP-F570 InfoLithium rechargeable battery pack, 2 AA-size(R6) batteries, cleansing cassette, shoulder strap, and also operating guidelines .

Product Features

High-definition video camera records in 1080i, 720p, and 720i specification with analog down-converting 16:9 widescreen recording; 4:3 conversion capable Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 12x optical zoom Lens; optical Super SteadyShot System dampens hand jitter and vibration 3CCD camera system; records to conventional DV tape stock Powered by NP-F570 InfoLithium rechargeable battery pack

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